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Bathroom emergency

2/27/2019 (Permalink)

Affected Tillys bathroom

There are moments in time when little kids have to use the restroom while you are doing your weekly “to-do” list, even though they were told to go before they left. That’s just what you need to deal with. What happens though when the restroom at that particular store overflows and creates a disaster? That’s where we come in!

Accidents happen, and we are here to help fix them. For instance, this Tilly’s had a sewage leak. You can see that the restroom floor is covered in a disgusting substance….if you catch our drift. But not to fear, SERVPRO of Santee/ Lakeside was quick to respond to the rescue and start performing a quick and efficient cleanup of the damaged area. If you need to get your restrooms looking nice again after being tainted by unmentionable substances due to a sewage blockage, you know who you can call at (619)-258-7200.

Your house isn't the only place at risk for water damage.

2/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage on a commercial property in Ramona

A flood does not always have to occur in a residential home. We get numerous calls regarding commercial flooding. A number of reasons could be behind us getting called to commercial properties for flooding or water damage, including:

  • Heavy rains that leaked through the structures’ house
  • Weak pipes in the walls
  • Someone forgetting to turn off the sink before leaving the property
  • And more!!!

A couple ways that you can prevent your commercial building from being damaged are:

  • Fixing any leaks in the ceiling that you may have, before it gets serious, in order to limit water damage that may occur during a heavy rain
  • Before you leave, make sure all the sink faucets are turned off to help prevent flooding

You can count on us here at SERVPRO of Santee/Lakeside to come your aid and assist with any damage that may have occurred to your property. Call us at (619) 285-7200.

Commercial Fire

3/6/2018 (Permalink)

Apartment fire

What to do when you are a property manager and have a fire loss? Count on us, there are so many do’s and don’ts for the tenants, insurance carriers, and property owners that you always need a reliable source to help with the complexity of the loss. The cause of the fire is always a priority; the insurance company always depends on a specialist that can determine what started the fire. It’s important to know when the structure was built, the building materials can contain lead or asbestos and a specific protocol needs to be followed. Although our franchise does this type of work regularly, we know that a fire can take an emotional, and psychological toll on all impacted.

Count on us, we are always here to help (619)258-7200. 

Property Management

2/28/2018 (Permalink)

By definition a property manager or estate manager is a person or firm charged with operating a real estate property for a fee, when the owner is unable to personally attend to such details, or is not interested in doing so.

Our ERP app can make the job of a property manager less stressful.  The app can list all the pertinent information on a mobile device so that in the event of an emergency, the property manager can access the information such as water or gas shut off. 

The app works in mobile devices and it also has a desktop version, the best part, it has no cost to the property manager.  Look for new content in the next week, were are working on a video.